Electrolux Cook & Chill SkyLine Premium combi boiler oven with digital control, 10×1/1GN, gas

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SkyLine Premium combi boiler oven with digital control, 10×1/1GN, gas, programmable, automatic cleaning

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Main Features
• Digital interface with LED backlight buttons with guided selection.
• Built-in steam generator for highly precise humidity and temperature control according to the chosen settings.
• Real humidity control based upon Lambda Sensor to automatically recognize quantity and size of food for consistent quality results.
• Dry, hot convection cycle (25 °C – 300 °C): ideal for low humidity cooking.
• Combination cycle (25 °C – 300 °C): combining convected heat and steam to obtain humidity controlled cooking environment, accelerating the cooking process and reducing weight loss.
• Low temperature Steam cycle (25 °C – 99 °C): ideal for sous-vide, re-thermalization and delicate cooking. Steam cycle (100 °C): seafood and vegetables. High temperature steam (25 °C – 130 °C).
• EcoDelta cooking: cooking with food probe maintaining pre-set temperature difference between the core of the food and the cooking chamber.
• Pre-set program for Regeneration, ideal for banqueting on plate or rethermalizing on tray.
• Program’s mode: a maximum of 100 recipes can be stored in the oven’s memory, to recreate the exact same recipe at any time. 4-step cooking programs also available.
• OptiFlow air distribution system to achieve maximum performance in cooking evenness and temperature control thanks to a special design of the cooking chamber combined with high precision variable speed fan and venting valve.
• Fan with 5 speed levels from 300 to 1500 RPM and reverse rotation for optimal evenness. Fan stops in less than 5 seconds when door is opened.
• Single sensor core temperature probe included.
• Automatic fast cool down and pre-heat function.
• Reduced power function for customized slow cooking cycles.
• SkyClean: Automatic and built-in self-cleaning system with integrated descale of the steam generator. 5 automatic cycles (soft, medium, strong, extra strong, rinse-only).
• 3 different chemical options available: solid (phosphate-free), liquid (requires optional accessory), enzymatic.
• GreaseOut: predisposed for integrated grease drain and collection for safer operation (dedicated base as optional accessory).
• USB port to download HACCP data, share cooking programs and configurations. USB port also allows to plug-in sous-vide probe (optional accessory).
• Connectivity ready for real time access to connected appliances from remote and HACCP monitoring (requires optional accessory).
• Back-up mode with self-diagnosis is automatically activated if a failure occurs to avoid downtime.
• Double thermo-glazed door with open frame construction, for cool outside door panel. Swing hinged easy-release inner glass on door for easy cleaning.
• Human centred design with 4-star certification for ergonomics and usability.
• Wing-shaped handle with ergonomic design and hands-free opening with the elbow, making managing trays simpler (Registered Design at EPO).
• Seamless hygienic internal chamber with all rounded corners for easy cleaning.
• 304 AISI stainless steel construction throughout.
• Front access to control board for easy service.
• IPX 5 spray water protection certification for easy cleaning.
• Supplied with n.1 tray rack 1/1 GN, 67 mm pitch.

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Weight 153 kg
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Electrolux Cook & Chill SkyLine Premium combi boiler oven with digital control, 10×1/1GN, gas
Original price was: $33,185.00.Current price is: $20,280.00. + GST