Electrolux SpeeDelight 603904 High Speed Cooking

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  • SpeeDelight puts your business on another level: record speed compared with a traditional sandwich press.
  • The excellence is in every detail: thickness, crispness, grill marks, taste and flavor. Just right, every time
  • SpeeDelight cooks a wide range of foods: sandwiches, roll-ups, tacos, pizzas, bakery items and much more. Multiple cooking programs in a single solution.
  • Ease and comfort are SpeeDelight’s core values from every angle: from set-up to daily use and maintenance. Plus a premium Customer Care package.
  • With its attractive design and 24/7 smart connection, SpeeDelight will fit right in with your kitchen management system, while its green technology is good for the environment
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Main Features
• It combines 3 cooking technologies: contact, infrared radiation and microwaves to provide perfectly cooked food, heated to the core.
• Self-adjusting ribbed upper plate to heat food adapting to its thickness.
• The Energy Saving Mode automatically switches to stand-by after an amount of time settled by the operator (from 1 to 60 minutes).
• Delivered with USB port and wi-fi connection to optimize workflows allowing local and remote interaction (temperatures, countdowns, warnings).
• Electronic control with digital 4.3” LED display with adjustable brightness.
• Countdown display and buzzer with adjustable volume at the end of the cycle.
• 8 programs selectable on the display. The 8 programs can be adjusted by the user. The programmable parameters are:
– top plate temperature
– bottom plate temperature
– total duration of each cycle
– duration and distribution of microwaves within each cycle.
– Automatic mechanical lid holding and opening system controlled.
– IPx4 water protection.
– Ergonomic handle for easy movement of the lid.
– ETL safety approved, complies with UL 923 and CAN/CSA 22.2 standards.
– ETL sanitation approved, complies with NSF/ANSI 4 standard.

• 8 pre-loaded programs (editable):
– P1 = 70 sec. (12 sec. MW)
– P2 = 80 sec. (12 sec. MW)
– P3 = 60 sec. (20 sec. MW)
– P4 = 75 sec. (20 sec. MW)
– P5 = 85 sec. (25 sec. MW)
– P6 = 85 sec. (18 sec. MW)
– P7 = 30 sec. (25 sec. MW)
– P8 = 12 sec. (no MW)
With Top temperature = 249° C and bottom temperature = 220° C

• Connectivity ready for real time access to connected appliances from remote and data monitoring (requires optional accessory – contact the Company for more details).

• Aluminium ribbed top contact plate (215 x 215 mm) treated with a special non-stick coating.
• Smooth 4 mm thick quartz glass bottom cooking surface (250 x 250 mm).
• 2 temperature probes for an independent control of the top and bottom plate temperature.
• Independent temperature setting of the top and bottom plates from 100 to 250 °C.
• Automatic lifting of the lid at the end of the cooking cycle via mechanical spring.
• Lid, back cover and bottom all in AISI 304 S/S.
• Lid covers, handle and side panels in high-grade reinforced composite material.
• 800W heating element on the top plate.
• 800W electrical armoured heating element on the bottom plate.
• 2 x 1050W magnetrons for microwave.
• Front air inlet and back outlet for efficient cooling ventilation allows easy air filters removal and side by side installation.


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Electrolux SpeeDelight 603904 High Speed Cooking
Original price was: $19,160.00.Current price is: $11,710.00. + GST