SPM Frosty 2, 2 x 12L Slushie Machine

$4,245.00 + GST

SPM Frosty Slushie Machine 2 x 12 ltr Bowl

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A fan favourite for the corner store, servo or local pub. Also used by numerous corporate customers in Australia and internationally.

Frosty is a great option when a large sized, high performance, without a high cost in investment is required. The unit’s stainless steel panels are complimented by black colour accents presenting a modern and very stylish look.

Frosty dispenses slushies and other frozen products and has a extraordinary quality to price ratio.

Graphics and branding can be displayed on the front panel, lids and rear of the machine.. The LED’s lighted lid gives the machine an even more attractive look.

Frosty 2 has 2×12 litre bowls. The double mixing system prevents ice accumulation, for optimum product consistency. The Frosty has a manual control keypad giving operators of the Frosty a seamless experience. Each bowl operates independently and the lids are LED lit.

It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and exerts a strong appeal on the consumer, encouraging impulse purchasing.
Slushies, frozen cocktails and other frozen products in a machine that has an extraordinary quality/price ratio.

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Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 51 × 39 × 82 cm






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SPM Frosty 2, 2 x 12L Slushie Machine
$4,245.00 + GST