SPM K-Soft Soft-Serve machine, Pump with Plastic Auger

$7,695.00 + GST

SPM K-Soft Soft Serve Machine with Pump & Plastic Auger 1 Flavour

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The K-Soft is a counter top, soft-serve ice cream and frozen yoghurt machine with a tiny footprint. Almost half the size of a traditional counter top soft serve machine, it is ideal for customers limited on space without compromising on quality. Capacity is also quite impressive for such a small machine, with the ability to produce 70 cones per hour (5.2kg/h). All this is done through the cooled 2 litre hopper and 1 litre barrel. Pump models pump more air into the product giving it a light and creamy mouth feel – high overrun – which in turn creates a higher margin for the owner. White Stainless steel panels couple with the capactive LED front panel and glossy plastics give the K-Soft an elegant look. The K-Soft is manufactured in Italy and is available as a gravity or pump system.

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Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 58 × 24 × 70 cm






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SPM K-Soft Soft-Serve machine, Pump with Plastic Auger
$7,695.00 + GST