SPM Lola 6 Litre Hot Chocolate Dispenser

$1,575.00 + GST

SPM Lola Hot Beverage Dispenser 1 x 6 ltr bowl

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Lola is an excellent, compact unit for heating and dispensing hot chocolate, milk, soups (non-chunky), tea and any other hot beverage. It is a light, compact unit and suitable for all venues, especially where countertop space is limited. Ideal for cafeterias, cafes, catering and accommodation facilities, ice-cream shops and dessert bars.

Temperature can be set from room temperature up to 90°C.

The eye-catching transparent bowl attracts impulse buys and the bowl is easily removed.  If required, unused product can be stored in the fridge overnight to minimise waste.

Lola comes with a vertical tap, this avoids blocking and the unit is extremely easy to clean and to disassemble.

Lola has a mixing system which prevents products from depositing at the bottom of the bowl, thus ensuring product
consistency and the heating plate assures proper temperature distribution.
Lola is available in 3 or 6 litres bowl capacity.  It is available in black or white colour.

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Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 36 × 44 cm




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SPM Lola 6 Litre Hot Chocolate Dispenser
$1,575.00 + GST