SPM Nina Hot & Cold, 2 x 2 Litre

$2,495.00 + GST

SPM Nina Hot & Cold Beverage Dispenser 2 x 2 ltr bowl

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A stunning unit for dispensing hot and cold products. With its versatility, its small size and its unique and unmistakable design, NINA is ready to amaze you yet again. Have fun creating new menu items for your customers and making your business grow. NINA Hot&Cold lends itself to a countless number of applications: hot & cold desserts, hot chocolate, hot toppings and syrups. Use the cold barrel to pour a chilled dessert and the hot barrel to pour topping – quick, easy, delicious!

NINA Hot&Cold is a true innovation in terms of versatility, ease of use and originality.

The tanks have a 2-litre capacity to help prevent waste and promote high product rotation.

The heating and cooling systems function independently.

The cold side features SPM’s patented i-TankTM technology. A double insulated bowl for higher performance, product consistency and extended shelf-life compared to a single insulated bowl. The i-TankTM also prevents any heat transfer from the hot to the cold side, and vice versa.

The hot side temperature can be set from room temperature up to 90°C.

Also available in different configurations:
NINA Hot (single barrel);
NINA Cold (both in single barrel & double barrel) &
NINA Hot, Cold, Cold (3 barrel)

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SPM Nina Hot & Cold, 2 x 2 Litre
$2,495.00 + GST