SPM & Crathco Equipment

1.1.    The Supplier warrants any SPM & Crathco Equipment sold (other than second hand or used) for 12 months parts only unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Bowls and consumables are not covered by warranty.

1.2.    The Supplier warrants any Part sold (other than second hand or used) for 3 months (replacement part only) unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Bowls and consumables are not covered by warranty.

1.3.    Costs of removal, installation and transport are not covered by warranty.

1.4.    Warranty is void if the goods are not used in accordance with the Supplier’s operating procedures and directions.

1.5.    The Supplier shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damage or loss, including loss of production sustained by the Customer, or any other person in respect of or arising out of any defect or malfunction in the goods supplied, whether or not such defect or malfunction is attributable to the negligence of the Supplier and whether or not such indirect or consequential loss was or ought to have been foreseeable by the Supplier.

1.6.    The Supplier gives no warranty and is subject to no liability of any kind in respect of any item it does not manufacture except to the extent required by law. However, in any case where the Supplier is able to make a successful claim under a warranty given by the manufacturer, it will so far as possible pass the benefit of that claim on to the Customer (but so that nothing requires the Supplier to commence any proceedings against the manufacturer or incur any expense in connection with any claim by the Customer).

Other Equipment

Other equipment is covered by the manufacturers warranty and any terms and conditions that may apply under said warranty. 

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